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Guide to Buying a Custom Rooflight

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Installing a sky or rooflight transforms a dark unwelcoming room into a bright, inviting and relaxing space but with so many options available, we’ve created this guide to help you find the perfect skylight for your home.

Decide where you want your rooflight installed

Once you’ve decided on the room you want to flood with light, you need to decide exactly where you want your rooflight positioned and carefully consider the practicalities of its location. Ensure the extra light will fall in just the right spot while avoiding casting extra glare on a wall-mounted TV or causing sun damage to a painting or bookshelves. Our experienced experts at Custom Rooflights will be happy to help you decide this.

Be sure what size skylight you want

There’s nothing worse than regretting a choice you made in a rush. Take your time deciding what size skylight you want, and how many. Try marking out different sizes with masking tape to give you a more accurate idea of what it will look like when installed. Our rooflights come in a wide range of sizes so you’re sure to find one to suit your needs perfectly.

Consider how you’ll keep it clean

The build-up of dirt and debris on your skylight can harm its look and effectiveness, so consider how you’ll clean it to keep it looking and working at its best. Though it may sound too good to be true, every Custom Made Skylight comes with self-cleaning glass – it really does work!

Is it energy efficient?

It’s good to know that as well as flooding your home with natural light, your rooflight is doing its bit for the environment. Our triple glazed fixed models boast a U Value of 0.83W/m, that’s 40% more efficient than required by building regulations, so you can rest assured your skylight doesn’t suffer from any unnecessary heat loss, helping you stay green and saving you money too.

Do I need planning permission?

As skylights lie flat against your roof, you often don’t need planning permission to install one. However, we recommend you check with your local council before doing so as rules and regulations can vary.

If you’re considering installing a rooflight to illuminate your home, contact our expert team today on 01202 802111 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

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