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The benefits of installing glass rooflights in your home

Rooflights are becoming increasingly popular in homes – and for good reason! Investing in glass rooflights offers you a range of benefits that you can’t achieve with regular vertical windows.


If you are someone who strongly values their privacy, rooflights can be a godsend, particularly in busy residential areas. The angle and placement of glass rooflights makes it near impossible for nosy neighbours and passers-by to see in though them.

This perk makes rooflights and skylights a popular choice for bathrooms, as you don’t need to sacrifice natural light for the sake of privacy. You also don’t need to worry about the added cost and hassle of curtains or blinds.

More natural light

Due to their placement in your ceiling, flat rooflights are capable of allowing up to three times more natural light into a room than a vertical window. If you have a room that does not face any exterior walls, then a glass rooflight could be the perfect solution for brightening up the interior without resorting to excessive artificial lighting.

Create a focal point

Unlike vertical windows, glass rooflight can be used to make a statement and act as a focal point for the room. Installing a rooflight or skylight above an open plan kitchen counter, dining room table, or living room seating area is an excellent way of drawing attention to the centrepieces of furniture.

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