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The surprising advantages of natural daylight

We all know the obvious benefits of natural sunlight – it feels lovely and warm against our skin, it helps brighten up a dark room, and is a great source of vitamin D – but did you know there are many more benefits most of us may find surprising?

More light increases the value of your home

A study conducted by Building Technology Innovations found that because natural daylight helps make rooms seem larger than they actually are, people were willing to pay more for the property. Innovative rooflights discreetly illuminate the small rooms of your property, and, if you have a beautiful view, can help frame it to further increase your property’s desirability.

Reduce your energy consumption with rooflights

In your average building, it’s been reported that artificial lighting is responsible for an incredible 20% – 40% of its energy consumption. When you capitalise on natural sunlight by installing a rooflight in your home however, you can make a serious impact on the amount of energy you use, helping to reduce both your utility bills and carbon footprint. At Custom Rooflights, all our rooflights and skylights have a U Value of just 0.83W/m which means that they let in that all important sun through their self-cleaning glass while maintaining excellent thermal efficiency.

Protect your children’s eyesight

Studies have shown that children who are regularly exposed to natural daylight lower their chances of developing nearsightedness, or myopia.  This is because natural light stimulates the production of dopamine which helps regulate healthy eye development which is why scientists have recommended children should spend 1-3 hours a day in natural sunlight. However, this is not always possible so it’s a good idea to make sure your home is flooded with light by installing skylights or rooflights in darker areas to ensure maximum exposure.

Sunlight makes you happy

According to research, exposure to sunlight triggers something in your brain that releases the happy hormone, serotonin, which is associated with helping improve people’s mood by promoting feelings of calm and positivity. When a person has low levels of light exposure, their serotonin levels tend to be low which has been linked to increased risks of depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). So, to help boost your mood, why not brighten up your home with a skylight from Custom Rooflights?

Take advantage of all these benefits by installing quality rooflights from Custom Rooflights, market leaders for the manufacture and supply of skylights and rooflights for customers across the UK. To discover more or arrange a quote, contact us online or call 01202 802111 today.

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