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What is a walk on rooflight?

As the name suggests, walk on rooflights are windows designed to be walked on without compromising on the amount of natural light filtering through to the room below. They are perfect for when you want to flood a room with light while maintaining the ability to walk safely across the floor above.

Flood your home with light 

Walk on rooflights are great for changing dark, neglected areas of your home into a light and airy, usable room. Just imagine, you could transform your dark and unused basement into a practical home office, the library of your dreams or even the games room you’ve always longed for. What’s more, the space above this bright functionable room gains the added benefit of a truly striking feature that you can dare friends and family to walk over!

Use with a flat roof terrace 

They are also an ideal solution for illuminating rooms with a flat roof terrace, often without the need to manoeuvre through the planning permission minefield. At Custom Rooflights, our walk on windows are designed to lie flush meaning any visual impact is kept to a minimum – great news for you and your neighbours.  What’s more, if you use your roof terrace as valuable outdoor space, you’ll still be able to use it as you did before as the rooflight is completely safe to walk on.

Our walk on rooflights

Our walk on rooflights come in a variety of sizes, are double glazed to provide exceptional noise reduction and boast a total thickness of 46.28mm, including 26.28mm of specially toughened glass, to ensure your safety. All our windows come with self-cleaning glass and a U-value of just 0.83W/m so you can rest assured your heat won’t be escaping through your walk on rooflight.

Custom Rooflights are one of the leading suppliers and manufactures of walk on rooflights in the UK. If you’d like to discuss further how you could benefit from one, contact us on 01202 802111 and one of our experts will be happy to help.

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– CRL Team